Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is the process used to create software for smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices. The overall process includes writing code to create the software and designing the app.

Mobile app development is a process for building mobile applications that run on mobile devices.

We build mobile apps - iOS & Android

Using top rated cross platform technologies such as React Native, Flutter, & Swift. Share your requirements, and we’ll create a customized solution for you, be it a hybrid app, native app, or progressive web app (PWA).

Our Capabilities is driven by three key Concepts

A successful DevOps implementation is based on four key building blocks Develop, Build and Test, Deploy, Operate, and Monitor. Veritis can mold and maintain a customized DevOps solution for you!


Mobile First Matters

However, it is crucial that you prioritise mobile in your offering and include mobile elements at each significant stage of your customers' journeys. In the mobile era, this is how you foster loyalty and encourage client consistency.

Build and Test (iOS & Android)

Our team is skilled in the most modern mobile technologies, phases of development, and working practises. These essential elements are combined by our mobile app developers to create excellent mobility solutions of the highest calibre.

Measure and Optimize

Regardless of how much we may appreciate the app, the only true measure of its greatness comes from the users: how are they responding to the mobile experience you have created for them? Once your app is out, we may evaluate its functionality and provide you advice on how to modify and improve the product.

A Trusted Partner

Softdevindia has carved a niche for itself by offering high-quality and end-to-end mobile app development services to clients from various business verticals.

100% Transparency

The entire process of creating the app will keep you informed. In order to create a flawless and better software, our mobile app developer will make sure that your helpful suggestions and directives are taken into account.

100% Confidentiality

Regarding confidentiality, you may feel secure. Your data and other important information are safe and secure with the help of our technology and resources.

Deployment in a Stipulated Time-Period

We are aware of your need to launch your software quickly in order to get a competitive advantage. A completely working app is delivered and deployed by our renowned mobile app development business within the set time frame.

A Happy & Content Client List

We provide valuable and comprehensive mobile app development solutions.

Our areas of excellence & expertise in mobile apps designing & development

Mobile application designing & development technology in any form is what we are inclined to

Cross Platform Mobile Apps Development

Platforms (iOS & Android) and devices using cross platform/ Hybrid tech such as React Native, Flutter, and Swift!

iOS apps

Star iOS developers in a constellation assuring flawless app performance.

iPad & Tablet Apps

Our extensive experience in creating iPad apps makes us a powerful and reliant force.

Android Apps

Your app stands out when developed by Android developers using technology with a dash of beauty.

Augmented Reality App

Our skilled app developers create expressive AR applications that keep you far ahead of your competitors.

Wearable Device App

Our seasoned wearables specialists provide the greatest performance while being unique.

Virtual Reality App

A pool of incredible VR app developers will provide top-notch app development services.

iBeacon App

It consists mostly of advertising or little data packets that are transmitted often.

150+ apps, using top rated technologies

We’re master in 3rd Party APIs/webhooks/plugins development and integrations. We’ve successfully integrated multiple APIs in previous projects namely PayPal, Recurly, ChargeBee, authorised.Net, Braintree (PayPal product), Zapier, click funnel, Mindbody, Quickbooks, Xero, Twilio,, Zopim, arrow chat, Mailchimp, Mail gun, Mailpoet, Mailoptin, SendGrid, Get Response, fonedynamics, Zendesk, Freshworks

Built 100+ mobile apps using top rated technologies

We’re master in 3rd Party APIs/webhooks/plugins development and integrations. We’ve successfully integrated multiple APIs in previous projects namely PayPal, Recurly, ChargeBee, Authorised.Net, Braintree (PayPal product), Zapier, ClickFunnels, Mindbody, Quickbooks, Xero, Twilio,, Zopim, ArrowChat, Mailchimp, Mailgun, Mailpoet, Mailoptin, SendGrid, Get Response, Fonedynamics, Zendesk, Freshworks and so on.

Getting started

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Manage and organize your automations: Zaps, Transfers, tasks, connected app accounts. Share your Zaps and connected app accounts with your team.


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Account & Billing

Manage your account settings and data, billing information and pricing plans, and softdevindia for Teams accounts.